2018 Rep Team Player Contributions


This item is only for the players who have been selected as a member of a 2018 BC Rugby Representative Teams.

Please select the correct Age Grade that the athlete is participating with. Fees will vary for different Age Grades. 

PLEASE ENTER THE NAME OF THE ATHLETE THE PAYMENT SHOULD BE APPLIED to in the appropriate field on the Shopping Cart form.

If you have questions about a team please contact the manager of the appropriate team. 

This site will be updated as the teams are selected and the fees are finalized.

Payments for the following team fees can now be processed:

U19 Men -- Travelling to Saskatoon, SK
U20 Women -- Travelling to Saskatoon, SK

U18 Boys - Competing in Winnipeg, MB
U18 Girls - Tour to England (2nd payment)

U17 Boys - Competing in Winnipeg, MB
U17 Girls - Competing in Winnipeg, MB

U16 Boys - Competing in Kelowna, BC 
U16 Girls - Competing in Kelowna, BC

U15 Boys - Competing in Kelowna, BC
U15 Girls - Competing in Kelowna, BC

 U15 & U16 players residing in the Interior are receiving a discount as they are not attending and travelling from the training camp in Vancouver. Please choose the appropriate option.